Mortgage Checklist

Mortgage Checklist

The following information or documents will be required during your loan application process:

- Executed purchase contract, including property addendum, signed by all parties

- Most recent paystub that contains a minimum of 30 days of income received

- Copies of last 2 years personal tax returns, including copies of all schedules and W-2's

- Self Employed Borrowers-copies of last 2 years of corporate tax returns, schedules and K-1's 

- All pages of last 2 month's bank statements and investment account statements

- Legible copy of a valid and current Driver's License for each borrower 

- Copy of earnest money check

If you currently own Real Estate, the following items will be needed:

- Copy of mortgage statement 

- Homeowners Insurance and contact information (HOI) 

- Home Equity Line of Credit account information (if applicable)